My Life

My life on the weekdays are way to different then my life on the weekends. On weekdays I wake up at 5:30 to get ready for school and I always finish getting ready at 7:15, at 7:15 we leave my house to go drop off my little sisters then I go get coffee. After getting coffee I come to school and talk with my SQUAD before class starts and then I go to my classes. When school ends I always go to the studio for Lionette practice I usually end up leaving school around 6 every day now that we back at for Spring Show. When I get home I just take a nap and then wake up and eat dinner and then shower. After I shower then  I watch my soap operas and then I go to sleep. This basically my life on weekdays (i consider weekdays Mon-Thurs). On Fridays when we had football games  i get up the same time I do on weekdays, pack all the stuff i need for the game. After school ends on Fridays I go to the studio for practice and then I leave to get some food then come back for bag check and load and leave for the football game and go cheer on our LIONS!!!! After the game I leave with the team and go home and go tweet about how we won etc. Then I go to sleep. Now that Friday Night Light are over I usually do what i do on weekdays. On Saturdays I wake up so late I am usually up at 2 then I shower and get ready for work, I go to work at 5 and I stay until 9:30 or not I leave with my SQUAD. Then I watch sad movies to get my feelings out. Then go to sleep. On Sundays i wake up early to annoy my mom, and plus cause National Football League .

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