Brian H's CPR Cheat Sheet

CPR, Choking, Bleeding

CPR Cheats (All)

1. Check the scene. 2.Check the person. 3.Call 9-1-1 (activate EMS). 4. Put hands two finger lengths above where ribs open up for child and adult, for infant just go between nipples, and do 30 chest compressions with two hands for adult, one hand for child and two fingers for infant, at the rate of one hundred per minute. 5. Tilt head up and do two rescue breaths. 6. Repeat steps four and five until person responds, someone more skilled than you takes over, or EMS arrives (paramedics) and takes over.

Conscious Choking Cheats (Adult and Child)

1. Check the scene. 2. Ask if person is choking. 3.Call 9-1-1. 4. Step behind them and put one foot between theirs and one foot behind theirs. 5. Put palm of hand just above their naval (for child you will have to get down to their height) then pull up and in until object comes out, patient goes unconscious, or EMS arrives and takes over.

Conscious Choking (Infant)

1. Check the scene. 2. Check the person by seeing if they will make any noise or if they are breathing.3. Call 9-1-1. 4. Secure head  and do 5 back blows (keep head below feet for #4 and #5). 5. Then turn over and do 5 chest compressions. 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until object comes out, person goes unconscious, or paramedics arrive and take over.

Unconscious Choking (All)

1. Check the scene. 2. Check the person if you didn't see them go unconscious. 3. Call 9-1-1. 4.Do 30 chest compressions with 2 hands for adult,1 hand for child, and 2 fingers for infant, at rate of 100 per minute. 5.Look for object. 6.If you can't see object tilt and attempt 2 rescue breaths. 7. If breaths don't go in tilt and try again.8. Do 30 more chest compressions at same rate. 9. Look for object. 10. If you see object do finger sweep. 11. Attempt two rescue breaths. 12. If breaths go in but person is non-responsive go to CPR.

Bleeding (All)

1. Check the scene. 2. Check the person. 3. Call 9-1-1. 4. Put on gauze over wound, and keep pressure on the wound. 5. Wrap roller bandage on gauze tightly but don't make a tournoquet (remember to keep a little pressure on it). 6. Tie off the end of the roller bandage at the end. 7. Add more gauze and roller bandage if needed.

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