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If this hell then at least I am free

Meta-trebil Flag

The "x" in the background of the crown symbolizes Meta-trebil's disagreement with the way that Caleum governs its people. The black crown represents a monarchy, the type of government that Caelum does not claim to be, but technically are since the only people who can rule Caelum must be related to Richard Malum. Nonetheless the crown symbolizes unauthorized power, or the idea of power being abused.

The Truth Behind Caelm's Constitution

Constitution of


Article I


The name of this country is Caleum.

Article II


The purpose of this country is to brainwash its citizens to create a population of like minded thinkers, with no actual intellect and free will or thought. The country has a goal of creating a population of supreme humans with uniform attributes such as identical intelligence, systematic thought processing, and physical attributes. These goals are considerably unattainable and are not necessary to be socially acceptable.

Article III

The government of Caelum does not wish to bring diversity to its citizens as a well as limiting their contact with the outer world. They are deeply trying to filter their population. They are trying to create a population that is perceived as stronger simply because of their health and intelligence. However, these components do not necessarily mean that a person has good character. The goal behind every citizen attaining their doctorates degree is to create a body of uniformed thinkers that all abide with the educational plans and material that are provided/censored by the government. Any sign of creativity or “stupidity” results in a camp, or in other words a concentration camp where their ideas are dismissed and they are trained to conform to Caelum’s beliefs and “rules”. The government of Caelum will try it’s hardest to ensure uniformity for as long as a person shall live.

Article IV

Richard Malum is a dictator who is worshipped out of fear by the people of Caelum. He promotes singularity and is slowly sending Caelum into a downward spiral that could lead to something much worse than a communist country. The country is ruled by a dictatorship that is so controlling that no one else can lead Caelum except for the descendents of Richard Malum. However, it is not monarchical because the power was not taken by force, but the citizens and government do not trust anyone but Richard Malum and anyone that has his genetic code. You are always watched by the government whether it be by Richard Malum or by his government forces that police and monitor the population.

Article V

Government assistance in terms of medical attention, financial aid for educational purposes, and protection may be restricted from people of the “wrong” race, class, or gender.Women who do not choose to care for their young must contribute to society through education or work, which is unfair since a woman should be able to make her own decision that pertain to her livelihood.

Article VI

  1. They are correct when they say that a suspect will be “treated as the Justice Court seems fair”, but it is important to keep in mind that the Justice Court is made up of supporters of Richard Malum.
  2. Failure to provide evidence of uniform thinking will result in brainwashing and torture.
  3. You are forced to pick a place of work and be hired in an unreasonable amount of time considering that a person needs time to not only get back on their feet but also find a career that they would like to pursue and are passionate about.
  4. Similarly, you must plan out your life at a young age without a chance to truly discover

what you would like to do with your life.

5. Abortion will not be allowed under any circumstances to “preserve life”, which is unfair because there are situations where abortion is necessary or wanted by the mother, (such as rape or not having the means to raise a child).

6. Women are required to raise their children (rather than sharing the responsibility with their spouse). This encourages the idea that women who focus on their career while being a mother are bad parents and therefore frowned upon by society.

7. Work until you die. Disregarding any disabilities that come with old age that could affect the work they produce. To their government, work is more important than health.

8.No one can show signs of superiority against one another or most importantly Richard Malum.

9. Caelum is too good to participate in commerce and trade with other countries. Caelum also forbids interactions between its population and other countries that live in better and more fair conditions.

10. Interactions with other citizens of Caelum are considered forbidden unless they are from the same "sector", which isolates people and decrease the possible chance of negative discussion about Caelum or Richard Malum.

Article VII

Education is important to their society, however they fail to realize that education may not always want to be pursued by everyone.

Article VIII

The white crescent moon symbolizes the irony of Caelum beliefs that they are pure and that there citizens are happy, and their people are blinded by a misconception that their country is better off than others. The black base color of Caelum's flag stands for their secrets and strategies within Caelum that are made to plot against their citizens. The red symbolizes their enemies that they have made during their failed world domination.

Article IX

Richard Malum is the supreme leader of Caelum and will be worshipped by the population for as long as possible. He will go down in history as an idolized and model leader, who may or may not even exist

The Leader of Meta-Trebil

Characteristics-tries to stay knowledgeable about current events, trustworthy, thick-skinned, strong morals, impartial, cares about equality and happiness. Her physical characteristics are brown hair, brown eyes, petite physique, and healthy body.

Lenox's Story

Origin Story

For as long as Lenox has been able to understand and be educated, she had grown to love the nation of Caelum. Her family believed that the intentions of the government were good and they had trusted it wholeheartedly. They were patriotic, so she considered herself to be patriotic as well. She had believed that the country she lived in was safe and promised her a good life.

In the days of Lenox’s youth, she had a very close friend named Orion, whom she had grown up with. Orion and Lenox had been friends since they were in grade school. During their thirteenth year, they had both been required to take the Intelligence Assessment.

As rule of the Intelligence Assessment, you must take the test during a months span after their thirteenth birthday; Lenox’s birthday was a couple of months after Orion’s so he had taken the test before she had. When the time had come, Orion did not pass the test and was sent to the Enrichment camp.

Lenox loved him dearly and was curious about how the enrichment camp worked, especially since she would miss him so much and not be able to spend time apart. Lenox snuck to the camp, while she was there she witnessed the diabolical behavior enforced at the camp. She had watched the students, including Orion being tortured and brainwashed at the camp. The camp promised positivity but showed reform and violence. As horrifying as this news was, she couldn’t really say anything about it to anyone. No one would believe something bad about their wonderful country.

Lenox now found herself very fearful of the upcoming test; but obviously she didn’t have a choice.

When the time came Lenox luckily passed the test and was not sent to Enrichment Camp.

When Orion came back, eighteen months later, nothing was the same. He had been brainwashed to the extent that the Orion she had come to know and admire was gone. She knew something about him was off, even though everyone else who knew him noticed nothing. She began to realize that the glorious country Caelum, was tyrannical and not the illustrious place she once loved. She needed to change it. She couldn’t get her best friend back, but she wanted to make sure that no person would ever have to lose their loved one, and that no one would ever have to be “modified” again to fit Caelum's standards.


Im not alone

I see it in their eyes

We are humanity at its worse

While it is acceptable for a society to ostracize its own people

Its unacceptable for me to speak my own mind

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder

Rather the one who holds power

Im not alone

There are others

Others who struggle in the midst of this chaos we call home

Others who are too afraid to voice their indifference

While we are not large in numbers

Let it be known that the fuel that fires our hope

is not found in manpower

or in the quantity of bullets

It is simply the force of human nature

Propaganda Posters

Enrichment Camp exposed

Truth About the Enrichment Camp

Cruel punishment, typically placed on youth the ages of thirteen through eighteen. The Enrichment Camp is presented as a fun camp for kids to help them overcome their weaknesses that prevented them from passing the Intelligence Assessment.

When a citizen does not pass the Intelligence Assessment, it means that they do not think the way that the government wants them to think. It can also mean that there is something about them that could lead to a rebellion or a possible uprising. Individuality, to Caelum, means that there is the possibility of resistance, which ultimately would set them back from achieving their goal (to create the perfect race or breed of humans). Caelum will do anything to enforce conformity.

This conformity will ensure that power of Richard Malum will not be lost due to innovative acts or thoughts of rebellion. The idea of rebellion or anything against or opposite to the ideals of Caelum is prohibited. People like this are seen as a threat and overbearing and are “fixed” or removed at all costs.

This logic is then placed at Enrichment Camps. They must make the children, or in some circumstances adults, believe in the same things that the government believes. Any sign of difference is then erased and diminished.

The problem of divergence is solved at the camp with different methods. The methods range from typical torture to obvious brainwashing. The victims tend to be eager about attending because they believe that they will better themselves for the governments sake, but once they get there, the image of a happy, life changing camp that has been painted by society is instantly erased.

Forms of brainwashing are used to erase any recollection of feeling indifferent to society or uniqueness. The camp enforces uniformity and diminishes individuality in the measure to control their citizens.

Propaganda Video

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