Radio DJ

The basics of the job


The radio DJ or personality introduces new music and informs you of the song that just finished playing. They entertain on the airwaves abiding, by the station's playlist, while informing listeners of upcoming station events, news and even celebrity gossip. Part of the radio DJ's job description on-the-air includes guest appearances or "remotes." They also represent the station by hosting club and concert events!!!!!

Typical duties

Most radio DJs focus on one particular type of musical genre or artistic style for their listening audience. They select music to broadcast and prepare daily program schedules. Radio DJs also provide news updates, traffic reports and weather conditions for their listeners. They sometimes interview personalities from the entertainment world, encourage audience requests and manage promotional contests.


Being a DJ, you get opportunities that most other jobs don't get. You get to interview celebrities and famous musical artists. You also have hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people listening to you everyday.

Work setting

The work setting of Radio DJ is very fun. Its very noisy with music playing playing all around you. You work in a studio where normally your alone unless you have a co-host or a celebrity with you.

Work schedules

Djs only work 4-6 hours per day. Their work days are not long. They play music until its time for the next Dj to come in.

Typical education needed

To become a Radio DJ you have to get a degree in Broadcasting, journalism, and Communications.On-the-job training is generally required for obtaining this job college radio experience is common. Speaking, listening, communication, writing, and comprehension skills are all in needed for radio positions. Additionally, radio DJs should be socially informed and perceptive, and be in tune with the local and national trends and news as well as typical social reactions and mind sets. Website and web page creation and maintenance, social network linking and updating are also needed. Media production and telecommunications equipment proficiency are needed as resources for this job.

Important qualities that are helpful in peforming the work

Social skills are important qualities to becoming a Radio DJ. You need to be informed in trends, social events, and know news.


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