All About Bullying

All Aout Bullying

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                                                          All About Bullying And Cyberbullying

There Is Kids All Over The World With Phone,Laptop,Computer, And Other.They Go Online To Make Friends. But They Get Bullyed.Some People Call Then Noobs And Some Bad Words.To Make Other Feel Bad.I Think Cyberbullying Shoud Stop. Because Some Kids Kill There Self Just Because Of Bullying.On The News It Has Kids Kill There Self At School Because Of Bullying. I Have Been Cyberbullyed Befor On Many Sites. Please Help Stop Kids From Bullying. Please Help There Kids Who Get Bullyed Every Day So Please Help Please. Im Going To Make A Group On on Tackk To Help Stop Bullying First 30 People Get 5 savii Points. So Please Help. Reminder:Every One Can Make A Diffrence.At School Kids Can Bullyed Because They Think There Dumb But No one is dumb.And When Your Wlking Home You Might Be Bullyed So Just Tell The Bully To Please Leave Me alone Or just RUN

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