Karla Jazmin Arguet

Who is Veronica do you know ? Veronica is a very nice person. She is very talented. When I think about Veronica I think sports and music. When I think about Veronica again I think happiness. Veronica is awesome in two ways she is very nice and athletic Veronica is also funny in so many ways she makes up funny jokes and funny dances. She lives in Grand Island Nebraska. Her birth date is 1-29-03. Veronica went to elementary school at Englmen she loves her fourth grade teacher Mrs.Erickson because she was funny and helpful. Veronica has four siblings.Her favorite subject in school is math her favorite thing to do out side of school is basketball and skateing. She has no pets but loves tamalies and her favorite color is teal she would like to live in hawaii and be a teacher when she grows up. Reading is good and she loves the book Wonder her favorite movie is dawn of the dead one of her favorite technology thing is her computer her favorite song is Na Na by Trey Songz she is proud of her friends here are two of her best friends Sonia and Angel one of the places she would like to visit is Mexico. Well this is somethings you should Know about Veronica.

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