One Place at a Time

I love looking at the landscapes and serene environments around me. The top is from hiking in Australia and the bottom is from a hiking trip in Patagonia.

I love hiking in the mountains and going to the beach. My fondness of swimming and water is something that has been with me since I was little and one of the reasons I wanted to learn how to scuba dive so bad.The beach is from Cozumel, which was one of my favorite vacations.

My family has been going on camping trips since I can remember and it is through these trips that I first learned to love the earth. I loved sitting around the campfire with a ranger, friends, and family and roasting smores, to waking up to the crisp air to go on a trail the next day. The middle picture is from one of the campsites in Australia, where I truly felt like I was just another part of nature. We literally slept under the stars in a "swag" one day and under the transparent tents seen above in the middle of the desert.

Memorable Movies

Hoot was one of the first movies I watched about conservation. It is about a group of kids trying to save an owl habitat from people who want to tear it. I watched it for fun, but I still remember the plot clearly.

In third grade I was absolutely fascinated by this movie, about the journey of Penguins.

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