Once Again

By: Mike Krahenbuhl

“Wait where I am I? Why does my diaper smell so bad? Wait why am I even in a diaper? Wait I have long blonde hair. I've shrunk about 4 feet! This isn’t even my body!” these thoughts all ran through my head when I was terribly confused.

“I must be dreaming right now. This can not be true right now! Let me just pinch myself right now. Yeah that will wake me up!”

Well not only did that not wake me up but it made me start bleeding. I started screaming bloody mary. But all that came out was crying. I kept crying until some creepy old gal came and picked me up.

She brought me downstairs and started cooking me lunch. Though it did not take me long to notice that she must have been a druggie because she was cooking on plastic. It must have not taken her to long either after she tried to bite into the plastic hamburger patty.

She then decided she would let me drink the hot cocoa that was sitting on the table. Little did she know that the coco was scorching hot and burned my tongue horribly. But I was a baby so how would I tell her? Oh right I would cry! So there I did was cry! But like I said she was a druggie!

Every time I cried she thought I wanted more. Before long I passed out because how much I cried and how much I did not want the drink.

As the day went on she just got more crazy. She finally put me down for a nap. When I woke up though I was not in the baby’s body. I was in a different body once again. Now all that was left was a blanket of the baby and nothing else.

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