Caring for infants

To safely hold an infant you will  have to hold its neck and head so it wont break.

                                                            Holding A Baby

A newborns neck muscles are not strong enough to support the head. For that reason anyone picking up and holding a newborn must support the baby's neck and head at all times. Handling babies gently and holding them close gives the babies a sense of security. whenever picking up or putting down an infant try to move smoothly and gently to avoid starting him.

                                                                       Nutritional Needs

In the first year a baby basic source of nutrition is breast milk or formula. At about six months solid foods can be introduced. watery rice cereal if offered first followed by other thin cereals and strained fruits and vegetables. babies under age one should not be fed cows milk because it is hard for them to digest. It lacks important nutrients that breast milk and formula provide.

                                                         Dressing A Baby

Babies lose body heat more easily than adults do but they are also sensitive to overheating. As a general rule doctors recommend dressing babies in one more layer of clothing than an older child or an adult would wear.

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