End of Year Project

Armando Quinones

Job application


Armando Quinones

Career Objective

I want to one day become an engineer.


Graduated from Elementary and Middle school.

In high school

July 14 - May 15

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy
9th Grade
El Paso, Texas

»I attend El Dorado 9th Grade Academy, I am in 9th grade, I live in El Paso Texas.

Volunteer Experiences

Oct. 14 - May 15

Saint Mark Catholic Church
El Paso, Texas

» Have helped my church in various activities.

Awards & Certificates


Graduate Middle School (May 14)

Extracurricular Activities


Hobbies & Interests


Skills & Abilities

»Good at science and computers


Additional Information

I want to someday be an engineer.

Letter of Recommendation

I have known Carlos Sapien since the beginning of this school year. I have him in two of my core classes. We are both in a college readiness program called AVID. When it comes to work Carlos always does his work. He always tries his best to turn his assignments in on time. He is also in extracurricular activities like Football, and his team won the championship this year. After all of these statements I hereby recommend Carlos Sapien to any position of his choice. He is hardworking and intelligent. Carlos can perform well in any position and task that you give him.

Sincerely Armando Quinones

College FSU

Florida State University

Mascot: Seminoles and the names of the mascots are

Osceola and Renegade


Florida State University, one of the largest and oldest of the 11 institutions of higher learning in the State University System of Florida, had its beginning as early as 1823.

By 1854 the City of Tallahassee had established a school for boys called the Florida Institute

. There have been a lot of changes since then and it is still one of the best colleges in the United States in my opinion.

SAT scores:

Writing - 21 on the ACT English and ACT E/W or 500 on the SAT writing

  • Math - 21 on the ACT math or 500 on the SAT math
  • Reading - 22 on the ACT reading or 500 on the SAT critical reading
  • Element of student life: There is greek life on campus and many students really enjoy it and see it as part of their lives.

    Degree plan:

    To be considered for admission, candidates must have earned a bachelor of science degree (or equivalent) in electrical engineering, or a closely related discipline, from an Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET)-approved program, a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for all work attempted beyond 60 semester hours of undergraduate study, and a minimum score of 148 points for the quantitative section and 145 points for the verbal section of the GRE test.

    International candidates must also obtain at least:

    1. 80 points on the internet-based TOEF exam or 550 points on the paper-based TOELF exam,
    2. 6.5 points in the IELTS,
    3. 55 points in the Pearson's PTE academic examination,or
    4. 77 points in the MELAB examination.

    Students with a bachelor's degree in a field other than electrical engineering may be required to complete a department-designated sequence of undergraduate courses with grades of B or better prior to attempting the graduate electrical engineering work.

    Students interested in obtaining a teaching assistantship should submit the TA/Grader Application Form as soon as they have been admitted to the program. Students who are not native speakers of English should take the speaking section of the TOELF test (and have a score of 26 points or higher) or the SPEAK test at FSU (and have a score of 45 points or higher) in order to be eligible to apply to for a teaching assistantship. More information about teaching assistantships can be found on the TA/Grader Application Form.

    Course Work Requirement

    The students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of course work to obtain the degree. The 30 credit hours should satisfy:

    1. 6 credit hours should be from the list of core courses (see the Graduate Courses link on the left side).
    2. At least 3 credit hours should consist of a course in advanced mathematics, typically a 5000 level course or above, or a departmental approved substitute.
    3. At least 6 credit hours of EEL 6971 (MS thesis).
    4. At least 18 credit hours should be from letter grade courses.

    Graduate Seminar

    All full-time MS degree candidates are required to enroll in the graduate seminar, EEL 6932, for each semester that they are enrolled in the graduate program. The details of the seminar are given under "Course Listing".

    Advisor and Supervisory Committee

    Each student must identify an adviser (also called major professor) by the end of the first semester of course work and is required to submit a plan of study by the time he or she has completed 12 credit hours of graduate studies. The plan of study must be approved by the departmental Graduate Coordinator and the student's adviser. The student's adviser also will assist the student in forming the Student's Supervisory Committee (also called thesis committee).

    The Supervisory Committee of a master's degree thesis program student must have at least three faculty members from the student's home department with Graduate Faculty Status (GFS). Additional members may be added provided they have GFS in their home department. At least one Tallahassee campus faculty member with GFS must serve on a thesis committee chaired or co-chaired by a Panama City Campus faculty member. One Panama City Campus faculty member with GFS must be annually appointed by the ECE department chair to serve on the ECE graduate committee.

    The chair of the Supervisory Committee and must be granted the privilege of chairing master's level thesis committees prior the student defend his or her thesis. Granting of this privilege requires an affirmative majority vote of the GFS faculty of the department and approval by the department chair. Faculty holding this privilege will be reviewed periodically by the department chair. Those not meeting performance expectations may have this privilege revoked upon recommendation of the department chair, an affirmative majority vote of the GFS faculty of the department, and approval of the academic dean.


    All master of science thesis program students must complete a written thesis. Upon completion of the thesis, an oral defense is required, which consists of a public presentation of the student's work to the department and the student's supervisory committee. Students must register for EEL 8976, Master's Thesis Defense, during the semester the student plans to graduate. The thesis should be in the hands of the major professor and the examining committee at least ten days before the date of the oral examination.

    Master's Thesis Defense Announcement

    It is the student's responsibility to post the thesis defense announcement within the department and the College of Engineering at least one week prior to the defense. The announcement should include: thesis title; student's name; student's department; major professor and committee members; date; time and location of the defense.

    Transfer of Credits

    A maximum of 6 credit hours of graduate courses not counted toward a previous degree from another regionally accredited graduate school may be transferred from another academic institution(s) to the student's current master's degree program, with the approval the ECE Departmental Graduate Committee. A grade of B or better is required on all transfer credits.

    What does an electrical engineer do?

    Electrical engineers design, develop and maintain electrical control systems and/or components to required specifications, focusing on economy, safety, reliability, quality and sustainability.

    They design and manufacture electrical equipment for use across many sectors, including:

    • the building industry and services, including lighting, heating and ventilation;
    • transportation and transport networks;
    • manufacturing and construction;
    • production and distribution of power.

    Job requirements:

    Must have a bachelors degree or higher

    Must have work experience

    Must have knowledge of electrical engineering

    Persuasive essay

    Why The World Needs Good People

    The world needs good people because this world is already full of corruption and it needs people that actually want to do good. Technology is both a positive and a negative thing because criminals can use technology to their advantage. They can use radios and cameras to their advantage. Like the terrorist attack in Mumbai, India. The terrorists used social media in the area to find more victims to kill inside of the hotel. Good people were killed that day in that hotel because of technology. We can also use technology to stop terrorists and prevent them from doing anymore harm to our people. There is one big problem though, and that is that when new technology comes out, terrorists will exploit this new technology and use it for their evil deeds. The more good people we have in this world the better for this corrupt and inhumane society. We need to stop being selfish and actually work together with others, act as one. If we all contribute to this world by just being good people then there will be less evil people to worry about. "If you want to do something and the intention isn't good then don't do anything at all"

    Cover letter

    Quinones, Armando

    1234 Road

    El Paso Texas, 79938


    Miguel Angel Trevizo/ Teacher

    Job department/ 1234 Road

    El Paso Texas/79938

    To whom it may concern

    My name is Armando Quinones and I am a freshman at Pebble Hills High School. I am in a college program called AVID. I have an engineering class also. I have all Pre-AP classes and I get A B honor roll.

    I  would like to apply to this job because I think I can handle it. I have a good education and experience with engineering. I have done a lot of community service. I am good at math, science, and computers. I am hard working and I always do my work.

    With these statements I hereby say that I am fully capable of doing this job. I hope I get to work in this job in the future.


    Armando Quinones