Narrative Poem Howard 6th, November 4, 2013

Paige with long blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes.

Paige of the the straight shiny white teeth ,

Paige whose tall and skinny.

The girl with so many friends.

She is the girl who everyone knows.

Walks into school knowing shes everything

goes and helps anyone in need,

Skips does the hallway as joyful as can be,

as everyone says hello, goes to her locker to to get her lunch.

Paige sits at the same lunch table and same seat everyday.

Talks to the same people all the time.

Because she is so popular she has so many people who would like to sit by her but never have a chance.

Paige inside her beautiful smile,

inside her perfect ironed clothes,

inside her soft sweat voice...

is hurting but we just don't know.

her mom died a couple months ago of cancer, Paige is going

through such bad times right now,

not quite over it,

its like bloons of happiness popping in her heart.

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