SpearTip Paracord Nation

A business designed to make cutting edge Survival Bracelets with paracord.

Paracord Survival Bracelets

Paracord survival bracelets are made wtih 550 lb. paracord rope. This rope is used to connect the parachute to the person. These bracelets can be taken apart to give the user over 10 feet of rope to use in an emergency situation.

  • Tie a knife to a stick to create a spear
  • Create a elevated sleeping position
  • Tie around a bleeding leg to act as a tourniquet
  • hold something together

Many Styles!

Single Color (one color)
Dual Color (two colors)
Elite Line (two colors)
Dual Elite Line (three colors)
Dual Color-Dual Elite (four colors

Tackk it up!