according to THE BEATLES

Week 1  Help!  The Questions that Troubled the Corinthians (Introduction)

Week 2  The Fool on the Hill: Stumbling Block for Some, Foolishness for Others (1:18-2:5)

Week 3  Here, There, and Everywhere: The Visible Work of God’s Invisible Spirit (2:6-16)

Week 4  Come Together: Unity for a Divided Community (1:10-17//3:1-23) 

Week 5  Baby, You’re a Rich Man: Faith in Times of Blessing and Testing (4:1-21)

Week 6  Sexy Sadie. Sexual Conduct and Christian Community (5:1-13)

Week 7  We Can Work It Out: Resolving Internal Conflict Internally (6:1-11)

Week 8  You Say Goodbye; I Say Hello: Kissing Marriage Goodbye? (7:1-40)

Week 9  I, Me, Mine? Freedom and Fellowship (8:1-13//10:14-33)

Week 10  You Never Give Me Your Money: Ministry at a Great Sacrifice (9:1-27)

Week 11  The Long and Winding Road: Israel’s Story of Struggle (10:1-13)

Week 12  Wait! Eucharist as Slow Food (11:17-33)

Week 13  I Saw Her Standing There: Women and Ministry, Side A (11:2-16)

Week 14  She Said, She Said: Women and Ministry, Side B (14:26-40)

Week 15  With a Little Help From My Friends: Appreciating Gifts in the Body of Christ (12:1-31)

Week 16  All You Need Is Love: The Greatest of These (13:1-13)

Week 17  Helter Skelter: Talking About Prophecy and Tongues (14:1-25)

Week 18  Here Comes the Sun: The Resurrection of the Messiah (15:1-11)

Week 19  I Want to Hold Your Hand: The Resurrection of the Body (15:12-58)

Week 20  The End (16:1-24)