Sterling Edwards

Lack of Confidence

Over the years, I have spent a lot of time "catching" my daughters.  We have played games where I have caught them as they jumped from stairs, couches, and the edge of the swimming pool.  Most of the time, they were reluctant to jump at first.  But, after coaxing them and saying "trust me" a few thousand times, they would eventually jump and I would catch them.

Catching them has usually led to an increased confidence and trust the next time I am trying to catch them.  There is at least a point of reference to refer to and maybe some credibility.

That's all well and good concerning a Dad catching his 30 pound daughter.  But, in the rest of life, most of us have significant trust issues.  We have had plenty of people NOT catch us.  We have had plenty of people say "trust me", only to be faced with betrayal and people letting us down.  Worst of all, many of us are the ones who have said "trust me" and we let other people down.  

It's not just that we don't trust other people, we don't trust ourselves very much either.

So, how in the world are we supposed to trust God.  How are we supposed to believe that we can trust Him?  How are we supposed to believe that we can trust that God loves us exactly the way we are?  How can we believe that we can trust Him and His unfailing love, when we continually and consistently blow it?

Earlier this morning, I had the chance to hear Dr. Danny Wood, pastor of Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.  In his sermon, Danny said that "impressive faith is seeing yourself for you are and seeing Christ for who He is."  We have to understand our weakness and His power.  

Ultimately, we all have to come to the complete conclusion and understanding that faith in Christ, has nothing to do with confidence in ourselves.  It has everything to do with trusting Him and allowing Him to catch us.  The only way for that to happen is to really know Him.

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