Gonzales, Texas

Gonzales, Texas- Care under the come and take it flag.

Gonzales, Texas is a VERY historical city. Gonzales was first established in 1825. You may know that the Battle of Gonzales happened on this very soil. The Battle of Gonzales was the very first battle of the Texas Revolution. This battle is best known for when the brave Texans said, "COME AND TAKE IT!" To the Mexicans over a cannon that was soon to be an important piece of history. This astonishing battle happened on March 2, 1835. This great city was named after Rafeal Gonzales- he was the governor of Coahuila, Texas.

In Gonzales Texas you can come visit the very place where the first shot for Texas Independence was fired. You can also come see historic homes. This tour is a 1.3 mile walk, but it's okay if you don't want to walk we also have a driving tour! At the end of the tour you will see an old jail museum. More exciting attractions that we have are many different museums!

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