Off. Mecc. Vergani s.r.l.

Special sprockets, pulleys and gears made on demand.

We manufacture, on your drawing, project or from your specification:

Special sprockets and wheels for:

• conveyor chains  • roller chains  • elevator chains  • redler chains  • scraper chains

• rotary chains  • table top chains  • ring marine chains  • special engineered chains

Special pulleys for any kind of timing belt and V-belt

Special gears:

• spure cylindrical gears (also with finished grinded teeth)

• helical cylindrical gears (also with finished grinded teeth)

• straight bevel gears  • spiral bevel gears (Gleason system)

• worm gears (also with finished grinded thread)

• internal and external splined items (also on long items)

Any kind of special lathed and milled items

◙ We can supply items from Ø 15 mm up to Ø 2000 mm

Our specility is the service to the customer!

• fast and helpful pre-selling quotation service
• complete customization of product
• service from prototype to series production
• fast delivery times and deliveries on demand
• separate management of urgencies
• technical support and engineering

Contact us:

• Via Col Di Lana, 10 - 21040 - Jerago COn Orago (VA) - ITALY

•  • Tel. +39.0331.217263  • Fax +39.0331.217305

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