Digital Literacy

Week #00: Orientation & Icebreakers

Topic Overview

Welcome to Week #00 of Digital Literacy.  This course is designed to serve as an extension of 21st Century CA, a hybrid course that covered the basics of 21st Century Literacy Skills.  While some of you may have never taken 21st Century CA,  this course is designed so that you can still be successful and learn a lot.  The objectives for this week are to familiarize yourselves with the expectations and procedures for being a successful distance learner and member of this course.  In addition,  you will be expected to complete PVSD's Academic Integrity Workshop, which is mandatory for all Pequea Valley High School students to complete.

Topic Assignments

  • Course Syllabus - Please take some time to read & review the course syllabus.  The course syllabus provides you with contact information, meeting information, a description of the course, learning objectives, required texts & prerequisites, guidelines, grading policy, academic integrity information, attendance & late work policy, and a course schedule. Please make sure you pick up the required texts and meet the course prerequisites before the beginning of Week #01 (We are currently in Week #00). 
  • Remind 101: SMS Class Notifications - Throughout the duration of this course, I will be sending out SMS notifications via Remind101. Remind101 is a safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents, for free (I won't know your cell phone number, and you won't know mine!). If you have a text-messaging plan on your phone and are interested in subscribing, follow the directions I posted on Moodle. If you do not have a text-messaging plan or are not interested, you are still required to subscribe via e-mail so that you still receive my messages.
  • PVSD's "Academic Integrity Workshop" - In an effort to encourage academic integrity, it is now mandatory that you complete Pequea Valley School District's Academic Integrity Workshop.  The workshop includes both text & video, and includes quiz questions throughout the exercises.  Please make sure that you take this assignment seriously and do the best job on it that you can.  This will be your first formal assignment grade to be entered into Sapphire.
  • Learning About Learning Styles - Since distance learning/online courses are new for most of you, it's imperative that you familiarize yourself with how it is that YOU learn best.  Throughout the duration of this course, you may be asked to explore certain topics/concepts independently or with your peers who learn similarly, so having a basis of how you prefer to learn/learn best will be helpful! 

Weekly/Ongoing Assignments

  • Coming soon...

Contact Me

  • E-Mail - For questions that can be answered briefly, you may send me an e-mail.  In some cases I may request that you schedule to meet with me in person, as there may be no "easy" answer.  In other cases, I may ask that you post your question in a forum, so that your classmates can also benefit from knowing the information that you requested.
  • Face-to-Face - Since this is online/virtual course, all face-to-face meetings will be by appointment only.  To schedule a meeting with me, please do so through YouCanBook.Me.  No appointments can be scheduled sooner than SIX hours in advance and you MAY NOT cancel an appointment sooner than ONE hour to our agreed meeting time.


PLEASE NOTE: If you see this icon next to an assignment title on the course outline, you must make arrangements to complete this activity Face-to-Face. Please use YouCanBook.Me to schedule Face-to-Face time with me.