Identifying Similarity !!!

How to figure out similarity

     two figures are similar if the second figure can be obtained from the first by a sequence of transformations and dilation.

                                                    Vocabulary Words and Definition

~ transformation - is an operation that maps a geometric figure, preimage, onto a new figure, image.                                                                                                                      ~ dilation - is a transformation that enlarge or reduces a figure by a scale factor of a whole number or a fraction.  

Similarity of an Triangle by using

             how to determine if two triangles are similar by using transformation

Step 1.  Translate the blue ABC down 3 units and 5 units to the right so that the blue A maps up onto red A.

Step 2.  Write the ratios comparing the length of each side.                                                              blue: AB/red: AB = 5/5 or 1      blue: BC/red: BC = 2/2 or 1.

Look at the figure up above?

         Is the figure above similar by translation?Why or why not.

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