What's In Your Phone?

By: Alyssa Bussert, Dylan Holly & Elizabeth Stacker


The periodic element Cobalt(Co) is found in many parts of the common cellphone, but is especially crucial in the battery of the cellphone and many other electronics. Cobalt is the best element to use for batteries, like the one you see in the photo above. Although other elements such as Lithium and Nickel are used in the battery,  Cobalt is what keeps the battery from wearing down and causing your phone to last only a short time. Cobalt is one of the most sturdy elements and is silver plated to prevent and wear and tear that can be done easily to other elements. Also Cobalt has a very high resistance, higher than many other elements, to oxidation and doesn't not rust easily.   Part of the reason of why cell phones can be quite expensive, depending on how much Cobalt it contains, the element Cobalt is found and exported mainly out of Australia and costs approximately $4 per 100 grams. Usually a cell phone contains at least 100 grams usually more. All in all, without the element Cobalt in a cell phone the battery would not be complete enough to even function and would be even more breakable, and without a strong battery no cell phone would run properly.

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