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week 20 + 21

adventures of baby bock

It's a GIRL! Most of you already know this, but it's still crazy to say out loud (or type out loud). Eric and I had an anatomy scan on Friday and our baby girl looked perfect. Her heart was strong, her brain looked very smart and her tiny feet were the cutest things ever. We were so relieved to know that everything was in perfect working order. The only tricky part of the entire appointment (which was really long) was that Baby B is very modest! I suppose it's a good thing and in 16 years we will be thankful for that trait but when planning a gender reveal party with pink or blue cupcakes - it's not a desirable trait! She did give a great shot a couple of times to the ultrasound tech and the u/s tech was over 90% sure it is a girl but when the doctor came in to check everything out, legs were crossed and closed tight. She must have been over being on screen. In all, we feel very confident in the girl status but to be safe, we'll have our doctor take a peak at our appointment next week. We figured if we get a big surprise of a boy in late December, it will make for a very good story and a very confident little man in pink.

Our baby girl turned 21 weeks yesterday and is growing like crazy. I feel her kick and move around constantly and Eric THINKS he felt her once. She is flipping and doing gymnastics so often that he will undoubtedly feel her very soon.

We are now starting to plan her nursery, what to register for and all the fun details that goes with bringing a new human being into this world. Eric is prepping himself for a daughter and all the fun that comes with that. We are in trouble since this will be one beautiful little girl!

some photos from saturday

the actual reveal!

our first baby girl purchase. the sweetest lil owl feet