Monster Yahtzee

Play it like never before........beware

Years in development, Monster Yahztee takes the standard simple game and morphs it into a friendly competition  of the fiercest kind.  

If you know the stinkin' game, now it will hold your attention IF, and only if, you have the desire to learn the simple but multiple rules that continue to evolve.  And, for more excitement, we welcome new rule changes along the way.  Let's go.

Dice! Get the dice.  Not five but six to start.  The score sheet resembles the old one but note the various new categories.  Standard rules don't apply.  You now have five rolls and if you choose to not use all your roles in any given turn, you get to save them.  Haven't you always wanted to use those rolls that were wasted that you didn't use?    

The Score Sheet

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