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Valuing our environment and wanting to keep it clean. We use only non-toxic, natural cleaners and don't waste water like most other companies.




What makes Oakland Auto Spa so eco-friendly?

Oakland Auto Spa utilizes a standard of detailing your vehicle using some of the industry’s leading non-toxic and eco-friendly products. Our water-based cleaning solutions that are safe for cleaning your car’s interior and exterior, while maintaining a fresh and safe environment for you and yours.

What is car spa?

A car spa is a process where experienced, trained professionals give your vehicle an extremely thorough detailing, polishing, and waxing to produce a showroom-quality polish. Improving your car’s appearance, it helps preserve the resale value of the car. A car spa is a commercial auto detailer offering eco-friendly and auto beauty treatment through such means as clay bar and auto massage.

What is a waterless car wash?

We don’t use water to wash your vehicle. Instead, we use a non-toxic spray solution that is safe to use on your vehicle’s clear coat. We wipe your vehicle clean using micro fiber towels, which help polish and protect your vehicle’s appearance.

What is clear coat?

It consist of primer, base, paint, and clear coat. Clear coat is the top, glossy layer. We polish and wax, it till you can see your reflection in it.

What is clay bar?

We remove any embedded surface contamination that might remain after a maintenance wash with a clay bar. The clay bar leaves your car’s surface as smooth as glass and properly prepped for a polish or to apply layers of protection. Sometimes the contamination it removes is not visible to the naked eye. In addition to cleaning your vehicle’s paint, clay bar can be used on glass, wheels, lights, and more.

Clay bar can not remove swirls and scratches, which it does not.

Is clay bar safe for my car?

Clay bar is effective and safe for any make or model, if you can still see your reflection in the car’s paint and the clear coat is not peeling away.

Is it possible that my car is oxidized?

Oxidation is defined as the interaction between oxygen molecules and all the different substances they may contact including paint and metal. Oxidation can be easily identified by looking for flat, non-reflective spots on your vehicle.  It’s best to have us come over for a free, no-obligation estimate so we can assess the condition of your vehicle and provide you with a quote.

What is an Interior Detail?

With an Interior Detail, vacuuming is standard. Our interior treatment includes cleaning the dashboard area, panels, and windows to perfection. Seats, carpets, and floor mats are carefully brushed and all surface dirt is removed.

What is an Exterior Detail?

An Exterior Detail includes a thorough cleaning, claying, waxing, and polishing the exterior of your vehicle. It is recommended every 6 months to preserve your vehicle’s clear coat with an Exterior Detail treatment (the shiny layer of your vehicle, which almost all vehicles have, unless they have a matte finish). You’ll come out to find your car with a fresh, smooth surface that is waxed and polished to perfection.

Oakland Auto Spa

$45  House Special Interior Treatment Estimated time: 45 minutes

$45 House Special Exterior Rub Down Estimated time:45 minutes

$85 House Special Exterior / Interior Treatment Estimated time: 100 minutes

$100 Signature Exterior Treatment Estimated time: 100 minutes

$60 Signature Interior Treatment Estimated time: 60 minutes

$135 Signature Exterior / Interior Treatment Estimated time: 155 minutes


House Special Interior Cleaning ~ vacuum, clean windows, wipe all surfaces

Signature Interior Cleaning Treatment ~ premium clean, vacuum, clean windows, spot check upholstery

House Special Exterior Cleaning ~ cleaning, wheels clean and dressed, window clean, spray wax

Signature Exterior Cleaning Treatment ~ includes all the above, clay bar treatment, & additional hand wax

Extra(s) ~ Carpet spot cleaning (30 minutes) $35

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