Module 6

Mobile Learning

(1) iFlashcards


Description: A student can create his own flash cards on iPhone/iPod/Android and share with his friends. There is a question on each card with answer(s).

Application in a classroom: The teacher may get students to share their flashcards for fun activities as well as for revision of important concepts, for example, Social Studies etc. Suitable for Division II and above.

(2) Math Drills Lite

Description: An interactive, fun and graphically rich environment that inculcates basic math skills.  Can be used by a single student at any one time. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod and  iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Application in a classroom: The teacher may incorporate use of this technology in a Division I classroom as a learning aid for students who have difficulty. Likewise, the teacher may assign homework centered around its use.

(3) Miss Spell's Class

Description: Miss Spell’s Class is a word game where players compete to decide whether a word (on is spelt correctly or not. Both speed and accuracy are integral to the game. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and it requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Application in a classroom: The teacher may incorporate this in every unit in an elementary English LA class with words centered around a theme. It maybe used as a self-assessment tool or for competition whether individually or as a team.

(4) RabbleBrowser

Description: RabbleBrowser is a collaborative web browser whereby the leader share URLs and files with an unlimited number of people. Likewise these people can share the same with the leader. It is ideal for demonstrations, with other features like voting among participants, group and private chats, video and other multimedia sharing. It is designed exclusively for the iPad.

Application in a classroom: The teacher may use this when teaching a new unit in any subject. It can be used for brainstorming, refresh memory of prior knowledge and scaffolding. Teacher and students share information with each other and the teacher may use the voting feature to decide democratically lesson activity formats/modes and assessment in that particular unit.

(5) Scitable

Description: Scitable is an online collaborative space for learning science. Students, besides searching for materials for specific science topics or asking experts questions, can build an online classroom and share their own resources.

Application in a classroom: The teacher may ask students to build an online classroom for a science topic of their choice as a project. Rubrics for grading will then be based on how well students design their online classroom, how much collaboration they have achieved and how much they have shown their learning.

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