Federalist Paper #10

"We behold a republican remedy for the diseases most incident to republican government"

Summary and Significance

     The Federalist Papers # 10 was a document written by James Madison to convince the people to ratify the Constitution. He said that he would protect the minorities of factions. Factions are when a number of citizens unite by some common impulse of passion of interest. Some examples of factions include creditors and debtors. The government today is a republic. Madison said that republic, unlike a democracy cures factions.

     I choose the picture of Martin Luther King Jr. because he, and other African American's were fighting for their rights. The African Americans created a faction for what they believed in.


     The main reason I choose this song was because of the quote "You gotta fight for your right." With factions, that's basically what people are doing. They join other people that believe what they believe in and fight for what they want.

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