Obesity is a growing problem here in the United States. USA Today listed the top 10 fittest and fattest cities. You can check it here. It's not hard to see the reasons why this has suddenly become such an issue. The average lives led by Americans today is by far less active, physically, then the lives of their parents. Other problems can be seen with the average American diet, the portion control issue, and so on. This has led many Americans to seek the cure for their weight troubles, but we can't find that solution without taking a look at what causes obesity.

Obesity is caused by many factors, but one factor has more weight then the rest. Obesity is often seen in an individual with a poor diet, and an inactive lifestyle. Someone who eats veggies all day, and works out, is at a much lower risk then someone who lays around on the couch and eats potato chips. Lifestyle is a huge issue.

What factors have changed in American society that are effecting our lifestyles to the point of causing an epidemic like obesity? Have you ever noticed how the portion sizes given at fast food restaurants vary greatly then the ones we used to see forty years ago? That's because it has become more common to produce large portions, and more socially acceptable for those of us to order them. Sure, a charter ponder existed in the 1970's, but only football players would eat it. Now, no one minds being seen munching on one.

Another theory on the obesity epidemic right now could be considered more sociological then anything else. Food is often a method of reward in childhood. When children have birthday parties, they're often given cake to celebrate turning a little older. Teachers will hand out smarties to students sitting quietly. People are taught to associate sweets with good behavior, and reward from a very young age. Some people believe that this has led to America's ever growing sweet tooth.

Obesity does have genetic factors. Some of the factors, that are considered genetic influences in obesity by most people, are actually environmental. For instance, a whole family might suffer from weight problems because a mother constantly brings up the issue of starving children in other countries. This could be something her mother did. This manipulation tactic, passed on through the family, has led the children to think it's necessary to eat past the point of fullness. Thus, it is causing obesity.

Obesity can't be tamed with pills you can get from your doctor, or anything Doctor Oz can recommend. If you're going to curve this obesity epidemic, you're going to have to practice portion control like the Hand Diet featured on Mail Online. Eating too many calories, and not burning them off causes weight gain. That's a fact known by every medical professional ever. If you'd like to avoid weight gain, or get rid of an excess amount of weight, you're going to have to cut down on your calorie intake.

The causes of overeating are numerous. They can often be environmental, physiological, and a reflection of attitude. With there being so many different causes of obesity, it's easy to see why not every treatment is right for every person. A lot of people have success with food replacement. Instead of eating less, try eating healthy foods instead. Beans are low calorie, rich and fiber, and very filling. It's a great option for people choosing to eat a diet that'll support weight loss.

If you'd like to combat your chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes, or another serious disease, then I suggest you help take care of the obesity know. It's all about becoming informed on the proper ways to stay healthy.

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