October PE Project

For my first two points I went to a fitness class (yoga hut). First we started to warm up by doing a little fast tempo yoga. Then our instructor showed us how to do all of the stations. Next we did the stations for about 35-40 minutes. Finally we did a cool down and relaxed.

For my next point I'm going to explain how to play backyard football. First we get the football and the we pick teams. Next we either kick the ball off the tee or we just punt it (if we don't have a tee). Then we try and tackle them before they get in the end zone. Finally we just beat each other up until we can't walk anymore

I visited the mountain bay trail as you can see in the next two photos

I participated in the fuel up to play 60 kick off event.

I also went to the disc golf corse at azko noble. Here's the link http://youtu.be/ygd5iw0S4Sg

I demonstrated how to throw a football and I also demonstrated how to thow a disc. Here's the link http://youtu.be/xeiDVd6b-kA

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