The Battle Of Hastings

by Tegan Hall

What was the battle of Hastings?

On the 5th of January 1066, king Edward died in England. The problem was he had passed with no sons to take his position. There was four main men who thought they were all deserving of the throne.The day after the death of the king Harold Godwinson was named king. He was not related to Edward but the strong and important men wanted him as king. The next man who thought he deserved the crown was Harald Hardrada who dicied to set sail to England with the vikings to kill the king and steal the throne. This plan faild and the king survived. Meanwhile, william of Normandy dicied to set sail and try to kill the king aswell. William won the battle as Harold got hit by an arrow in the eye. Finaly on the 25th of December William was crowned king.

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