Ashley Odom, EdS
INVEST Binder 2014 - 2015

A hyperlink for each of the required artifacts can be found below each domain. Some hyperlinks will go directly to a document while others will go to a folder that contains documents inside. You will need to be logged into your Google account to see the items from my Google Drive.

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation

1a: Demonstrating knowledge of technology and current technology trends; 1b: Demonstrating knowledge of the staff and technology needs of the campus; 1c: Establishing goals for the technology program appropriate to the setting and the staff served; 1d: Demonstrating knowledge of available resources, both within and outside of the district; 1e: Planning the integration of technology with the overall school program; 1f: Evaluating the technology program

Domain 2: Classroom/Campus Environment

2a: Creating an environment of respect and rapport; 2b: Establishing a culture for learning and integrating technology; 2c: Organizing and repairing technology resources; 2d: Managing student behavior; 2e: Organizing physical space

Domain 3: Instruction/Delivery of Services

3a: Collaborating with students and staff; 3b: Implementing training to integrate technology; 3c: Providing skill support through training; 3d: Using assessment and reflection in training and instruction; 3e: Demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness

Domain 4: Professional Responsibilites

4a: Reflection on practice; 4b: Preparing and submitting reports and budgets; 4c: Communicating and collaborating within the school; 4d: Participating in a professional community; 4e: Engaging in professional development; 4f: Showing professionalism; 4g: Maintaining attendance