Utopia world people think different by using your eyes


Rules In The Giver

In the Giver all rules and laws in the giver are necessary because without rules people will just be crazy for example like when Asher when he said smack and not snack. All rules and laws are not fair to all people because some rules in Jonas's society don't make sense for example that you can't chose your own mate. When people don't follow the rules or laws they get release from the community for example, Roberto was released but just from old age. Also a baby twin got release because there were two of them, which I think is not very fair.  All consequences are not fair because when you get release from the community like when babies aren't very smart like the others kids. Rules and laws can't be changed only the elders can change them.

Utopia  on paper

On the left utopia ,and on the left our world!

When Jonas first saw color

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