Building a Vibrant Learning Community with Video & Multimedia Tools

OEI Professional Development Summit
February  20-21, 2015

Sample Videos

Welcome Videos


Just turn on your webcam and talk to your students!

You can also use video to walk learners through what they will be doing this week:

Content Introduction

How about a video to introduce a new unit of content?  The one included here uses a mix of webcam video and screencasting.

Course Tour

A course tour is a great way to show students how to navigate your course.  No two courses are alike, so a tour is helpful for both novice and experienced online learners.  This is your chance to emphasize what's important and show students how to perform key functions.

Feedback on Student Work

This is a sample video demonstrating how I use video to provide feedback on student writing.  It is based on feedback given about a real student's outline, but I have re-recorded it with a fake student name to protect privacy.  Students love these videos!  

How-To Guide

Use video to walk your students through important processes and assignments.  My students email me often to tell me how much they appreciate this visual explanation, especially when it comes to unfamiliar technology!

Resources for Making Videos

Screencast-O-Matic is a free, easy-to-use option for making videos:

Camtasia offers many fun features like cursor effects, transitions, picture-in-picture, and green screen.  It isn't free, but educator discounts are offered for both the Mac and  PC versions.

Search for CC licensed images you can use in your videos:

One of many places where you can download stock video for free.  This is great for a green screen background!