is an animal in danger of estinction

They are mammals. The Asian elephant is also known as the indian elephant. Asiatic elephant ears not so large  and at the top of thehead has a slit.                                                                                         Asian elephanthave a thick skin gray or brown. Males are beetween 2.5 and 3.1 meters at shoulder height and weingh between 2700-5000 kilos. females are slinghtly smaller. For Asia elephant is the male alone has ivory tusks. at bhirt weing about 100 kilos. while in captvity can live 70-80 years

They Asian elephant is an animal docile, intelligent and obedient. Therefore, has been used as animal.

Asian elephants need watter almost daily and during the hottest hours of the day devoted to rest.

Asian elephant are limited to areas of India, Indochina and the islands of Indonesia. It´s now considered threatened.                                                 

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