Jessie's Fabules Holiday  


Coriawa and Williams town beach

Over the school holidays my family and I went to Corowa - Murray river. It was a four hour drive to get there. We left at 5:25am. We stopped for breakfast at 7:30am the we continued our drive. I got boarded in the car so I put in my headphones. It wasn't long after that we arrived I was so excited-happy to be their.

Once my mum and dad finished setting up the tent I changed into my bathers and went in the water with my friend Bailie. The water was as cold as an ice cube. Bailie and I spent about a half hour than we got out and ate lunch. We than went back in the water but we dealt with her.

The second time we stayed in the water for about 3 whole hours and by the time we got out and changed in our tents it was already dinner time. At about  8:35 we created our camp fire and at 11:00 I went to bed in my tent

I stayed there for about 4 days in total. On the 4th day there was a flood  in the middle I'd the camp site the flood covered our tent and our cosines tent so we need to go home that day the flood came from the other side of the camp site so it was pretty big.

On the way home we stopped for dinner we had mc Donald's I had a strawberry thick shake, nuggets and chips. My sister had lemonade nuggets and chips. My dad had a cheese burger and coke and my mum had a cheese burger and a chocolate thick shake once we all finished our dinner we continued our drive once we got home we had a shower and went to bed. But even know our camp site got flooded we still had a fabulous holiday.

About 3 weeks later I went to Williams Town beach with my sister , nan and pa. We had a picnic for about one hour in total after our picnic my pa took my sister and I to   The shore of the beach than w e came Back had an ice cream and went back home

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