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A&L Aching Limbs Massage Therapy is a fast growing corporate onsite massage service that targets the back, neck and shoulder to reduce stress.

Our friendly, fully qualified and insured therapists conveniently come to your business premises to treat your staff either at their own desk or in a separate office space, delivering a 10-­‐15 minute massage service that will relax and revitalise your employees

.performed on a regular basis, corporate massage is a preventative medicine that can eliminate persistent pain and tension.
Reducing stress and alleviates fatigue creates a more focused and dynamic personnel.
Improves office morale and increases staff retention rate.

Increases energy and relaxed alertness
Increased circulation, oxygen and nutrition to the body’s cells, which in turn improves circulation to the brain.
Enhances the ability to think and concentrate therefore producing activity.
Onsite service at the employee’s desk, to minimise disruption to work activity.
10-­‐15 minute massage of the shoulders, back and neck.

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