Ogden O'Reilly-Hyland

Young Athlete and World Traveler

About Ogden O'Reilly-Hyland

An elementary school student in New York City, Ogden O’Reilly-Hyland enjoys all manner of sports and entertainment, whether longboarding from home to school or practicing the piano. A fan of team and solo sports, Ogden O’Reilly-Hyland can often be found honing his skills in tennis and squash, playing soccer, running track and field, and skiing and surfing whenever possible. Outside of sports, O’Reilly-Hyland plays and listens to music, spends time with his friends, and enjoys traveling the world with his family.

With a strong interest in charity work, O’Reilly-Hyland has donated much of his time to underserved children in Central America, the Caribbean, and Africa. Along with his parents and siblings, O’Reilly-Hyland has volunteered at the Mariposa DR Foundation in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua’s Fabretto Foundation, where he made jewelry from recycled cans to help children remain in school. In the near future, a room at the Mariposa Foundation will be named after Ogden O’Reilly-Hyland, and his family will also take a trip to South Africa to visit the Ubuntu charity.

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