Roman army

By Nikita

The roman army (legion)

Before the roman army sets off they needed to form a group of soldiers called legions. The legions was a important form of group for the roman army to protect their general or was a sign of there army. The romans had to use over 5000 soldiers in each legion group, each legions had their own number, cloths, badge and fortress. There were about 20-30 legion groups around the Roman Empire, some of the roman army had young soldiers and some of them were under 18 years.

When they went to war they would straight away form their legion in front of their enemy while the enemies just stands there and does nothing not knowing what to do, when the soldiers finish their legion they march towards the enemy and still the enemy stands there and does nothing at all.

My opinion

I think that the enemy shouldn't just stand there and watch the roman army form their legion I think that they should attack when the roman army forms their legion, and for the roman soldiers they should have just made their legion when they are about to set off instead of letting the enemy see the legion they form because the enemy might copy the roman army's legion and use it to attack the roman army.

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