Backpacking the East

My goal

     Music has been a huge part of my life. And through out my music career, I have seen and heard some incredible instruments. My goal is to find and listen to as many crazy instruments as possible, and hopefully learn a thing or two about how to play them.

Time and Place

     I want to spend 3 months in the eastern hemisphere. 3 weeks in India, 3 weeks in Africa, 3 weeks in Japan, and 3 weeks in Europe. I really want to go to Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Ireland.

Traveling With a Friend

    Traveling can be great, but it can also be pretty overwhelming if you go alone. That's why I have decided to bring my friend Stephen along with me! His fascination with music can parallel mine at times, and it would be even more fun to learn the instruments we will come across if we learn them together.


     A Friend of mine has a sail boat, and it would be preferred if we sail to get to Spain. Once on the mainland, the best mode of transportation would be by train. If a train isn't readily available, then bus is the next  best thing.


     I would like to take some self defense classes before being alone for a prolonged period of time. Other than that I want to learn most things while there.

What I Will bring With Me

     I will bring my passport, camera, compass, watch, and many other survival essencials, along with the needed amount of money. I will also bring something large for storing the instruments i will be collecting while there.

The Language Barrier

     Unfortunately I only know english and a little bit of french. So getting past the language barrier will be a struggle, although many people in European countries speak at least a little English. With this in mind, I believe we will be alright only knowing what little we know.

So What Will It Cost Me?

I'm not the wealthiest person, and don't have a whole lot of money saved up for me to travel. with that being said, I intend to take no more than 5000 dollars with me, plus whatever money I spend before hand to prepare. although this seems difficult, it is entirely possible to travel longer for less.


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