Water Ecosystems, So cool!!!!

      By: Elizabeth   

Water Ecosystems Q/A"s

What are some examples of water ecosystems? Some examples of water ecosystems are freshwater ecosystems, estuaries, and the open ocean. What are some ways that water ecosystems are different from each other? Water ecosystems are different by the things that live in them and the way the water moves.
  • Ecosystems- all living and non-living things in an area that interacts with each other.
  • Water- a compound made of hydrogen and oxygen or H2O
  • Wetlands- an area of land where there is water on the surface or where the soil is completely filled with water for at least part of the year.
  • Ocean- a large body of salt water that covers most of the Earth.
  • Estuaries- water ecosystems  that have freshwater and a little salt water. It provides homes for bats, fish, reptiles, amphibians ,and birds.

Oceans have salt water, waves, dolphins , starfish, and flounder.

Streams have freshwater, running, crayfish, trout, catfish, and moss.

Ponds have freshwater, still, frogs, salamanders, leches, and water lilies.

Clams bury in the sand to escape the waves. Birds search for small animals to eat in shore ecosystems. Seaweed and snails hang on to rocks so they don't float away. Coral reefs are homes for many fish and other living things.-sea urchins- octupuses

Lake Superior is 83,000 kilometers. WOW!!!  plants that live in streams and rivers have strong roots so they won't get washed away in moving water.  Open ocean- cold water, living things that live there are dolphins,whales, fish, and plankton.  Plankton is a collection of very small living things that float in the water. Plankton- small organisms that drift through bodied of water. Start of food chain-  phytoplankton.                                                                               

Have fun learning new things!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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