Ohm's Law

The relationship of voltage and current in an ideal conductor.

Voltage - electric potential energy, measured in Volts  

Current - flow of electrons, measured in Amps

Resistance - Amount by which a substance slows the flow of electrons, measured in Ohms


When resistance is increased and voltage is kept constant, the current decreases.

When voltage increases and resistance remains constant, the value of the current increases.

Application in Circuits

Circuit 1, follows the Ohm's law as V=IR ( 9V = 0.90Amps x 10.00 Ohms).

Voltage and Current are directly proportional.In Circuit 2, the voltage was doubled and therefore the current also doubled while the resistance stayed constant.                             (18V = 1.80Amps x 10.00Ohms)

In Circuit 3, the resistance was increased and as a result the current decreased by the same amount. (18V = 0.90Amps x 20.00Ohms)

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