Edger Winners; Painter

Chapter 15: The Ferment of Reform and CulturePages #324-326 Artistic Achievements

Key terms

Federal Style- a plan of architecture that barrowed from classical Greek and Roman examples and emphasized symmetry, balance, and restraint.

Greek Revival- came between 1820-1850, partly stimulated by the heroic efforts of the Greeks in the 1820's to wrest independence from the "terrible Turk".

Hudsin River School- of the 1820's and 1830's excelled in this type of romantic art. It's leading lights, British-born Thomas Cole and New Jerseyan Asher Durand, celebrated the raw sublimity and grand divinity of nature.

Minstrel shows- were special favorites featuring white actors with blackened faces playing stock plantation characters.


Early american panting struggled. Painting suffered from the lack of a wealthy class to sit for portraits and pay for them. Some of the earliest painters were enticed to go to England, where they found both training and patrons. America exported artists and imported art. It was also thought that art was a sinful waste of time and often obscene. After the war of 1812 American painters turned increasingly from human portraits and history paintings to pastoral mirrorings of local landscapes.

This would have effected Edgar because the wealthy class stopped sitting and paying for portraits. Edgar suffered from the dollar-grabbing of a raw civilization from the hustle and bustle and absence of leisiure. Because of the dry economy Edgar was losing money and had to be exported to England. Edgar had rose above the rest and became competent in his work so he had re turned in 1793. He had painted some sixty portrai

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