Oil in Texas

Spindletop, Texas

Effects of Oil

This oil caused a boom over night, new cities and oil derricks were made. It created new job opportunities for everyone. The oil provided a new efficient, inexpensive fuel, and changed transportation. Oil provided natural gas, witch is better for the environment  than what they used before.

Effects Around the World

This did not just effect Texas it effected the world. The slightest changes in oil production would effect the whole world. Texas was were other country's would mainly buy their oil from. It effected automobiles, and the amount of money the oil was.

Oil Effects on Education

Products made from Petroleum

Oil supported a lot of colleges and schools. It helped Them make money, to build more schools, and helped the sports team. For example, the university's, North Texas and A&M both spilt up money earned from oil to support the collage. Oil doesn't just help with fuel, it also helps with school.

●A lot of products were made from petroleum(oil) some of those were, facial products, make up, perfume, jet fuel, car fuel, gum, contact lenses, and synthetic rubber. Lastly, they helped make, gas stations and good roads.

A Oil Gusher

A derrick

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