Diving Into the Digital Classroom

OISE-Tuesday August 5th, 2014

Click here to access our survey: Polleverywhere Survey

Accessing Information

If you want to edit your videos including adding your own voice go to edpuzzle.com


Go to bitstripsforschools.com to create your own character.

  • To log in enter the class code OISEAug5 on the left hand side.
  • Choose your name from the class list. Enter a password.
  • Click on the stick person to create your character.

For Thursday

We will be exploring a variety of apps you may want to download ahead of time: Pic Collage, Tellagami, Educreations, Haiku Deck, Aurasma.

We will also have a variety of QR codes around. You may want to download a QR code reader. (apple, android)