How Many Brains Do You Really Have?

By: Jacob S.
   Did you know you have two brains in one? You really have one, but the brain is made of two hemispheres.


Hemisphere / Physiology

  The brain is a bundle of gray and pinkish tissue that weighs three pounds. There are two hemispheres, the left and right hemispheres. If something happens to one side of the brain, it affects the opposite side of the body. Together they are made up of ten billion nerve cells. They are connected by a thick clump of nerves called the corpus callosum, which allows the hemispheres to send messages. The corpus callosum sends four billion messages a second. The brain is really advanced.

Left hemisphere

  Did you know that nine out of ten people have a dominant left brain. The left brain controls the right side of the body. More people that are left brain dominant. The left hemisphere functions include logic, analytical thought, language, reasoning, writing, science, math, numbers skills, the right side of the body, and control. People that are left hemisphere dominant are most likely to become scientists, accountants, and computer programmers.

Right Hemisphere

  The right controls the left side of the body. The right hemisphere controls the body’s creative properties. Right hemisphere functions include: art, creativity, imagination, intuition, insight, music, awareness, 3-D forms, and the left side of the body. People that are right hemisphere dominate usually become artists, musicians, and designers.

Bridge Brain: Famous People

  A bridge brain is someone who uses both hemispheres at once. These people used their bridge brain to become successful. Leonardo de Vinci used his bridge brain to become a great scientist, artist, and inventor.  Albert Einstein created the Theory of Relativity. He created it while imagining he was riding a light beam into space.  Some other people include:

-  Charles Schultz: He was a cartoonist. He created the Peanuts.

- Steve Allen: He was a musician, composer, actor, comedian, and writer.

- Laura Ingalls Wilder: She was an author. She wrote Little House on the Prairie.

  Now you know that you have two brains in one. The hemispheres are really interesting. They are still being explored today.


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