OK Compounding

High-Quality Topical Medications

About OK Compounding

Dedicated to formulating high-quality topical medications, OK Compounding is a Skiatook, Oklahoma, firm led by Christopher Parks and Dr. Gary Lee. Every prescription received is fulfilled to order, with only the finest ingredients sourced and utilized. OK Compounding’s advanced creams include those designed to treat migraines, remove scars, and lessen pain in the neck and back. Individualized analgesic compounds for joint pain eliminate the risks of nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs, which have potentially serious side effects such as bleeding and gastrointestinal pain.

OK Compounding also combines appropriate medications in creating neurological creams. These topical treatments address the triggers that result in neuropathic discomfort and are individually formulated to address specific conditions. Targeted to highly localized areas of the body, the creams avoid systemic absorption. As a result of these products, patients are often able to reduce the overall amount of medications being taken. OK Compounding follows strict protocols designed to ensure complete compliance with all local, state, and federal rules and regulations. To learn more about the company’s full range of products, visit http://okcompounding.com.

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