: The Okerubi Culture :

Okerubians mostly habitate in a small island located between South America and Africa called Homeila. Although it is small and unknown it contains many of the world's most creative and brilliant people that have ever inhabited this earth. It is very advanced technology wise, and full of culture. Women and kids wear the traditional clothes to express their boldness and creativeness to society. Homeila has a warm, semi-tropical climate that supports the activities the Okerubians traditionally do. Homeila is the heart of the Okerubi culture.

Main Sport

One of the most important highlights of the Okerubi culture is soccer. Soccer is the most popular sport played in Homeila by the Okerubians. These people don't call soccer by how we do though, it is called futbol. They got this name by the country of Mexico, who got their's by Brazil. This sport is very important for this culture, for it is said that it helps people let out their emotions in a productive way. Every Okerubian has played futbol at least once in their whole lifetime.


Although the Okerubians adapted some traditions from Mexico, their main language is English. These people start learning to speak the language when they turn one year old. Kids, parents, and others use this language to communicate with themselves everyday. No other language is spoken in Homeila but this one because its what the people that first inhabited there brought to the island. English is the one and only language that Okerubians use to communicate in order to do everyday activities.


School is a very important factor in Homeila. Both males and females are given the right the study for their future. School is paid by taxpayers, and uniforms aren't worn because these people want to show others that they're different and original. Kids start going to school at the age of four, and end when they're eighteen, and then move on to go to college to study the special field they desire to. Unlike in other places, school is enforced in Homeila. The island wants its people to be successful in the future.


The religion that Okerubians believe is Roman Catholisism. This religion was brought to Homeila by Mexicans in the year of 1981; soon they started adapting to it, and believing in it. These people believe that there is only on God. They believe in that Jesus Christ died in the cross for them, and that the Virgin Mary gave birth to him through God. These people also believe in saints. And some of their religious holidays include Easter, Ash Wednesday, Christmas, etc.


Most of the food that Okerubians eat tends to be sweet. Many types of fruit are available to them due to the tropical climate. Most of the food they prepare has a very appealing presentation and tends to be very creative. Sugar is added to many of their recepies, and color is essential for these platters. Other ingredients include whipped cream, sprinkles, candy, and many more delicious treats. Okerubians really enjoy fun dishes that taste both good and sweet.

Their Way Of Thinking

Creativity is the base of this culture. People speak up this way to make a statement that being different is okay. Hairstyles, clothing, food, and even crafts for these people to speak up. Bright colors and crazy patterns and designs are what really make this culture unique. Okerubians love to be bold and different and I can assure you no other religion does what these amazing people do.

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