Olexa Capili

Process Server and Investigator Olexa Capili

About Olexa Capili

Olexa Capili is the owner of Don’t Shoot the Messenger Process Service, a process service company based out of New York City. After graduating from Baruch College with degrees in accounting and taxation, she spent time at several of the city’s top CPA firms. During her career in accounting, she developed an exceptional work ethic and attention to detail that has served her well in her current line of work. Clients at Don't Shoot the Messenger may rest assured that any documents or projects prepared by Olexa Capili have been triple-checked for accuracy.

Beyond her professional tenacity and personal accessibility, Ms. Capili brings a true passion to her job. She first became fascinated with investigative services in high school, when she discovered an innate ability to uncover information and locate people, as well as a talent for thinking on her feet. Her investigative career began at Summit Security Services, Inc. During her time with this security and investigation firm, she acted as an undercover student at DMV defensive driving classes. Olexa currently works as a freelance investigator for investigators firms such as Watch Guard 24/7 LLC and John Cutter Investigations Inc.