Mobile Learning

K-12 Classrooms


This mlearning technology allows you create study guides, flash cards, and quizzes for your students. These learning aids can be sent to a variety of mobile devices for your students convenience. I think that this would be helpful at all grades. I would not make the quizzes for marks and I would provide time for students to use this inside of classtime so that students do not have an advantage over each other.

Word Press

Word press is software that comes in both English and French. It allows you  to create blogs and websites. In k-12 this would be useful for students to organize presentation as interactive websites and for the teacher to create a blog in which his or her students can post and discuss class resources both in and out of class time.

CertPoint VLS

CertPoint VLS is a fully-integrated learning management system (LMS) which features a management system for content, provides reports on learning to the teacher, enables mLearning, and tutorials on how to use their services. I may implement this system in a classroom with older students, since so much of the material is dependent on owning technology and being able to use that technology, I think that it would be more practical for an adult classroom. provides the same features as other learning management systems but has the added benefit of having a system of experts to interact with as well as having search functions for students to access secondary materials directly on the site. This is a system that I believe could be used for a 10-12 classroom. The convenience of having everything on one website would counteract students familiarity, or lack thereof, of technology and would prepare them for the technology rich world of university education.

OutStart Hot Lava Mobile

OutStart Hot Lava Mobile "provides instant feedback as to your mobile content's use and effectiveness.  Detailed reporting functionality includes user info as well time entered/exited, pages visited, questions taken/answered, score results, number of times content is accessed, and number of tries.e delivery and usage of mobile content in real time." (  Content is not device specific and has the ability to adapt to any device a student may have. OutStart Hot Lava Mobile also has built in messaging allowing users to be in contact with each other and share ideas in real time. I would use this technology to interact with students however I would not use all of the features as I feel that it would be overwhelming for students and would result in me having to chase them around and ensure tat they did their part.

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