Sofia's Journey

Characters, the story and her journey.

Secrets in the fire is is about a girl that is Brave and strong called Sofia she lives in Mozambique, Africa


Sofia is a girl that had had her two legs taken away from her from a horrible accident that happened when she stepped on a land mine. This accident also took her sisters (Maria) life. Sofia and Maria were very close they looked very similar even though Maria was a year older then Sofia. Sofia had been through a lot she had to learn to walk again with artificial legs, she is a very persistent person she walked all the way from her village to the city to see the doctor with artificial legs. She also got very good at sewing after learning how to sew from a a lady called Fatima while she stayed in the city.


Maria is Sofia’s sister. She was a year older then Sofia. Sofia made her a white dress Maria loved it so much she wore it all the time. Maria died when she was walking with Sofia to the fields one day when Sofia stepped on a land mine she survived but latter died in hospital Sofia always has missed her. She and Sofia always wanted to go back to their old village where her and her family lived in the past.


Lydia is Sofia’s and Maria’s mum she had to go through a lot and work and take care of her kids at the same time. Her husband Hapakatanda died back in their old village, he got killed by the bandits that came and killed everyone. Lydia had apparently been the most beautiful women in that village she had been a strong women that was very good at dancing. When Sofia was in hospital and had just lost her legs Lydia found it very hard to see her without crying at what had happened.

Jose Maria

Jose Maria is the priest that lives in the village he hated how the people were getting injured from the land mines when the land mine exploded he ran strait to Sofia and Maria to help and to see what had happened. He had lots of white sheets one day Sofia stole one so she could make Maria’s white dress, Jose Maria had noticed the dress on Maria. Sofia felt guilty and told him when she was in hospital he didn’t care he was to worried about her.

The Story And Sofia's Journey

Sofia has to go through a lot during this whole story. Her father died when the bandit came to their old village. She remembers when they were all happy in their old village and the time they had to flee the village. Sofia remembers the old lady in her village that used to tell Sofia and Maria about the secrets in the fire, Sofia always looks into the fire and sees all the people she loved in there she saw her sister and her dad at one stage.

One time where it was hard for Sofia was when she had to learn to walk again she had to stay all alone in a filthy place every day she went to the hospital and learnt to walk. After a while a Girl came to stay with Sofia she had also lost a leg she became Sofia’s close friend. The girl had to go home eventually and Sofia was left alone again all by herself.

Sofia is strong she walked all the way from her village near Boane to the city with artificial legs. She went a long time without seeing her mother she always waited for her mum to come and take her back home. She worked at a sewing studio in the city Fatima the lady who taught her was strict but a good teacher. Sofia felt alone so many times she met lots of different people that taught her a lot she is a good strong person.

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