My Holidays

By Jorja Hiley

On the first week of the holidays from Monday to Thursday Karli and I stayed at Jodie Beards house. On Thursday morning we went down a path at her dads dairy farm and we took some bacon for breakfast.

On Thursday my mum picked up Karli, Jodie and I and took us to the Leongatha Cinemas and we watched Epic and Monsters University. We wore our onesies wich are sort of just big costumes that make you feel like you're waring a massive blanket.

I have a giraffe onesie,  Karli has a penguin and Jodie has a pig and they are so cute. On Karlis birthday , June 22, we took her to the Cinemas again and we saw Despicable Me 2 and it was really funny.

On the 2nd week of the holidays at my house we had a pyjama party with the day care kids and we had a great time.

On the 1st week of the holidays we again took Karli to the Casey Aquatic Centre wich is a swimming pool in Cranbourne that has 2 water slides, an exercise pool, a spa , a mini gym and obviessly a few normal pools.

On Friday we went to the Pakenham Play Centre. It was really fun. It has a big bouncy slide and 4 massive slides in a row an a few little bikes.

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