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It's a bird! It's a plane! NO! It's a unicorn fish!! It's horn shouts it out.

Common Name:  Unicorn Fish                          Scientific Name: Naso brevirostris

Biome:  Ocean                                                          Home Range/Habitat: Ocean

FISH ADAPTATIONS                                             SPECIES ADAPTATIONS

1) Breath with gills                                                        1)The unicorn fish is easily identified by                                                                                                  the bony horn on its forehead

2) Ectothermic                                                               2) Horns are sometimes used for mating

3) Most have scales                                                       3) Some of the species don't have a horn                                                                                            at all

4) Fins                                                                              4) There are several species of unicorn                                                                                                     fish

5) Most lay jelly coated eggs in water                       5) Comes in many lengths

The marine toad hangs out by some trees.

Common Name:  Marine Toad       Scientific Name: Bufo marinus

Biome:  Swamp                                   Home Range/Habitat: Swamp


1) Goes through metamorphasis    1) Brown skin perhaps for camouflage

(frogs and toads)                                                            

2) Thin and moist skin                      2) Hind legs for jumping

3) Eyes positioned on top of head 3) Tympanum is a light silverish color to absorb sound?

4) Ears are a flat disk-like                 4) Long, slim toes for grasping trees

tympanic membrane                 

5) Very large and broad mouth        5) Large eyes perhaps to spot out predators

Rawr! This Komodo Dragon is one of the largest reptiles there is.

Common Name: Komodo Dragon            Scientific Name: Varanus komodoensis

Biome:  Tropical forest                 Home Range/Habitat: Tropical Forest


1)  Thickened eggs                                          1) Deadly saliva

2)  Scales                                                           2) Largest reptile

3)  Waterproof skin                                         3) Green skin perhaps for camouflage

4)  Ectothermic                                                 4) Claws for killing

5) Lungs                                                              5) Tail for balance

The robin perches on a nearby ceiling.

Common Name:  American Robin            Scientific Name: Turdus migratorius

Biome: Cities and/or trees                       Home Range/Habitat: Trees

Native to North America

BIRD ADAPTATIONS                                   SPECIES ADAPTATIONS

1)  Beak                                                1) Red breast on Males

2)  Lungs                                               2) Yellow Beak

3)  Air Sacs                                           3) Perching bird

4)  Wings                                              4) Eats bird feed

5)  Feathers                                           5) Preyed by hawks

The MIGHTY GORILLA chews on some leaf.

Common Name:  Western Lowland Gorilla   Scientific Name: Gorilla gorilla

Biome:  Jungle                                                         Home Range/Habitat: Jungle



1)  Body hair/fur                                          1) Black fur

2)  Endothermic                                           2) Walks on knuckles

3)  Can live almost anywhere                    3) Two legs, two arms

4)  Have four-chambered heart               4) Very Social

5)  Well-developed brain                            5) Most active in the morning

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