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1. Young people and social networks

Hi , my name ‘s Rebeca and this is my first post here on tackk . In this blog I would like to comment what is going on in this world in a different way . So , today , I will start talking about young people and social networks .Nowadays ,we can see that young people became so addicted to Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and others social networks that they rarely walk without telephones .

Young people are so addicted to internet that I feel that it is becoming a problem, a big trouble .When we go to restaurants , public places or when we are at school , university , public transports we can see people in groups not talking to each other because they are more concerned with their phones .The technological progress gave us the illusion that we are all connected but we are not because we don't talk  face to face anymore.

The second point I would like do aproach is that young people today don't respect their own private life . They share everything on social networks . They share what they are eating , they made videos to show to their friends and  to people who just follow them where they are and what they are doing . I have no problem with what they do because sometimes I do it too , but , I think when this habit become more and more regular  the person is already addicted . There is only a small number of young people that respect their private life .

So in this post I wanted to make a point on 2 subjects : social networks and private life . Two subjects that I will try to expose in my own way . Hope you liked my first post .

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3 years ago

This is an interesting post and I am inclined to agree with you. What do you suggest we do, if anything, about this trend? Your writing is clear but I recommend you pay more attention to punctuation. In English writing, we do not leave a space before punctuation marks, just one space after. Keep writing!

2 years ago

😄 😃 😀 😊 😉